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Declare Your Impending "I Dos" with Engagement Announcements

It happened in a park. On the beach. At a party. You were totally surprised. However your engagement happened, it deserves to be commemorated. While you might not be able to stop yourself from calling your parents or confessing to your best friend, you still need to tell all those other dozens or hundreds of friends and family that you're getting hitched.

Engagement announcements from Oubly.com provide the opportunity to capture your joy and excitement for your future wedding day.

Circulate the Date

Almost immediately following the question "Will you be my wife?" comes "When should we get married?" Selecting the date for your nuptials comes with many considerations, including guest availability.

Although engagement announcements need not have a date included, you can use it to give loved ones an early wedding day heads-up. If you find out that a percentage of prospective guests cannot attend on your proposed date, it's far better to learn that information sooner than later.

Engagement announcements afford couples the chance to test the wedding day waters and potentially change it because once the save-the-date cards are mailed out, you likely won't be able to switch your nuptial date.

Showcase Your Style

Your wedding is the ideal event at which to celebrate the things big and small that you and your betrothed love about each other. Your announcements can be part of that revelry. A popular announcement trend is telling the story of how your relationship blossomed from the moment you met to when you agreed to become the missus.

You might choose to include a favorite picture from your past or one that was specially taken after your engagement. You may also want to include the color scheme or motif from your upcoming nuptials.

Share the Cheer

While announcement cards certainly have their strategic advantages, they're also about telling your happy news to those you love. Regardless of whether you met your mate just months prior to your engagement, or you have been sweethearts since junior high, you have just said yes to spending the rest of your life with this person.

Announcements give you the chance to spread that delight with your family and friends. So let your bliss shine through no matter how you choose to display it. Employ humor, be silly, or let the sentiment of the moment take center stage.

When you use Oubly.com, you can craft the perfect announcement that effortlessly matches your perfect love.

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