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Wedding Cards for When Your Big Day Arrives

You have the ring. You have the groom. Now it's time to have your loved ones share in your upcoming nuptial bliss. If you are recently engaged, it's never too early to begin planning for your wedding day.

Whether your wedding date is two months or two years down the road, Oubly.com has the wedding cards you need to inform your loved ones of your big news and even bigger celebration.

Given the fast-paced nature of many people's lives, it's essential to inform those closest to you of your intended marriage plans as soon as possible. With a variety of colors and styles from which to choose, our wedding cards help you spread the word about your nuptials and set the tone for your impending union.

Announce Your Engagement

Kick off your future wedding festivities right with engagement announcements. Many couples use these wedding cards as an indicator of what their wedding theme will be. For some individuals, it's as simple as picking out their favorite colors for their "I dos." For others, the motifs are more elaborate.

Whether you want your nuptials to suggest modern chic or rustic charm, your engagement cards can provide a window to what your guests may expect on your wedding day.

Reserve Your Special Day

Save-the-date cards have become an instrumental part of many couples' wedding plan strategies. Considering that weddings often have out-of-town guests, it helps to give your long-distance family and friends ample time to make the proper arrangements for their travel accommodations.

If you intend to have a destination wedding, it becomes all the more important to give your guests an additional few months to coordinate plane tickets and hotel rooms. Short engagements also necessitate save-the-date cards so that those closest to you can leave your wedding day open.

Invite Your Loved Ones

Your wedding card invitations formally request the presence of your friends and family on one of the most special days of your life. As your engagement cards, wedding invitations also offer a glimpse at you and your betrothed's personalities and plans for your big day.

Wedding invites are highly customizable according to your preferences. If your parents are an integral part of your nuptials, you may decide to include them in your invitations.

You can also provide your guests with more details regarding your wedding time and location. Your invites typically include a response card and possibly an option for guests to mark their dining preferences as well.

Above all else, remember is that you are in control of your wedding invitations. Oubly.com offers an extensive array of wedding invitation options and friendly customer service for any questions you may have. As you plan for your wedding, let us help you share your joy with those you love most.

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