Your Privacy & Ours

Your Privacy

Protecting your privacy is paramount to our business. For the total privacy of our clients, Oubly.com uses the most advanced technologies and operating systems such as 128-bit encryption software for credit card data storage and access. We have also implemented security clearance levels and personal background checks for all processing and accounting employees.

Account Creation

To purchase products from Oubly.com, you must first create an online account. Creating an account will allow you to keep track of your designs, make adjustments to your newly placed orders, check your order history, re-order with ease, track past shipping orders, receive our free giveaway promotional offers, and more.

Use of information policy

Oubly.com is the sole user of the information that you provide. We use your information only to send you communications regarding file approvals, file issues, order processing updates, tracking numbers, and shipping and tracking order updates. We may send you information regarding free product offers, promotions, discounts, policy changes, and newsletters only if you chose to receive these updates at the time that your account was created. Oubly.com does NOT share, rent, lease, or sell your information to any companies or vendors that we use to produce products.

Legal disclaimer

Please note that Oubly.com may share requisite information with third party vendors such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and other freight companies when shipping your packages.


Cookies are small pieces of electronic data stored in computers. Cookies are placed on a computer only if the browser setting allows cookies from secure sites. Oubly.com uses cookies to collect and analyze visitor statistics for the continual improvement of our site and enhancement of your user experience.


Oubly.com uses your account information to communicate with you regarding only order-related events and issues. Our customer service representatives may use your phone number, email address, or postal address to contact you for updates or issues regarding the status of your orders.


Oubly.com may contain links to other sites and blogs. However, we do not take responsibility for the content of the sites and blogs you may visit through Oubly.com, Blog.oubly.com, and other Oubly.com social media sites. Please read the privacy notice of every site that you visit. Oubly.com's privacy notices and policies apply only to Oubly.com and Blog.oubly.com.

Policy Changes

It is at the discretion of Oubly.com to change or update this privacy notice. However, we will notify our clients via email of any significant changes we have made to our website. We suggest that you regularly check Oubly.com's policies to stay informed of any newly implemented updates or changes. Continued use of our service indicates your agreement to our terms, conditions, and privacy policies.

Contact information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Oubly.com's privacy policies, please contact us at 1-800-596-8259 or support@oubly.com.


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