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7" x 5" flat
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Announce Your Achievement with College Graduation Announcements

If you want to soak up the glory, and the gifts, that come with graduating from college, you have to let people know that you're graduating. College graduation announcements are the perfect medium for announcing your achievement to the world.

The Basics

Typical graduation announcements include a graduate's name, photo, name of the school from which he or she is graduating, and the graduation date. They are also a good place to list any major accomplishments, such as awards or honors, achieved throughout a graduate's college career. Oubly's design templates allow for you to add all the details of your accomplishments.


When you're designing your college graduation announcements, you can stick to the basics or break away from the rest of the crowd. By leaving some room in your design, you can turn a basic announcement into a personal masterpiece.

You may want to keep the information short and sweet, or you may want to write a sonnet about your college experience. The announcement is yours, so announce in the way that suits you the most.

It's All About You

Are you the class clown? The drama queen? The family artist? Why not inject some of your personality into your announcements. Those people to whom you will send your announcements will most likely be people who know you well, so don't be afraid to be yourself.

College graduation is a big life event, but it doesn't have to be totally serious. If you want to be funny or ironic, be funny or ironic. Your announcements will be more fun if they are entirely you. Oubly.com carries a vast catalog of designs that fit all types of personalities. With a large selection like ours, finding the perfect design is easier than studying for finals.

Life offers only a few moments in which you get to stand in the spotlight, so don't let the opportunity to pat yourself on the back pass you by. When you graduate college, let all the important people in your life know about it with college graduation announcements.

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