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Get Your Occasion Cards for Every Date You Want to Celebrate

Does anyone really need a reason to have a get-together? We don't think so, which is why Oubly.com offers occasion cards for events big, little, and in-between. Sure, we have a wide range of stationery options for festivities such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday bashes, but we have occasion cards for one-of-a-kind gatherings as well.

Want to introduce your baby to his new extended family or celebrate an employees retirement in style? No matter the reason for the cake and balloons, we have the cards you want, but if we don't, we can customize a design for you!

For Family

Family get-togethers often entail more than remembering mom's birthday or your grandparents wedding date. Though these events warrant celebration, they're far from the only occasions that merit a party.

Perhaps perhaps you were finally blessed and given the opportunity to adopt a child and want to make it very special when your new son or daughter meets all their new family and friends. Maybe your husband just landed a great promotion, and you want to give him the recognition he deserves. When a wonderful development happens in your family, it's only natural to celebrate it with your parents, siblings, cousins, and grandparents.

Occasion cards give you the chance to bring your family together to enjoy these happy moments in life.

For Friends

Friends stick by each other through thick and thin. You rejoice in the good and lean on each other through the bad.

If you want to throw a party for your two best friends who finally got engaged, you should. If you want to host an informal reunion of all your best college buddies, you should. There's no better motive to coordinate a bash than to see your friends and have fun together.

What about when a friend is going through a tough divorce or layoff? That's yet another reason to rally your friends to show your support and love.

For Coworkers

Long hours and loads of stress can often accompany a job, which is why you need to kick back every once in awhile and have a party to lighten your collective workload.

Did you just land that key client account after months of hard work? Has your end- of-year revenue far exceeded initial projections? Don't let these accomplishments go unnoticed.

To keep your employees motivated, it's important to give thanks for what they've already achieved. Putting together a small - or big! - office party can show that the efforts of those at the office are recognized and appreciated.

With our easy-to-use customizable card options, Oubly.com can see to it that you are never left searching for that perfect occasion.

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