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Connect with Loved Ones this Season with Custom Holiday Cards

When it comes to purchasing holiday cards for loved ones, some folks might think that off-the-shelf greeting cards may get the job done. But in reality, those types of cards don't have the personal aspect of custom holiday cards.

In order to make your message truly memorable, you need to order custom holiday cards that portray your signature in terms of colors and selection of fonts and unique messages. Your recipients always love to know that you've taken the time to tailor your feelings specifically for them.

Choosing a Custom Holiday Card Design

Oubly.com offers templates that make it easy for you to order cards. We offer a wide range of card designs that are fun, elegant, modern, colorful, and adorable

Our signature blend of designs usually include editable text and photo sections that allow you to personalize your messages as well as upload your own photos for your designs.This give your custom holiday cards a personal touch that no other holiday card can match.

Choosing Your Photos

If you upload your photos, try to use an image that shows something interesting and tells a story. Everyone has seen images of a smiling face looking back at them. Try showing yourself or your family engaged in an activity instead. The feeling of action will draw more attention than a portrait shot.

To make your holiday card mailing even more festive, adorn your envelopes with matching holiday address labels or even little drawings to get people in the mood before they even open your card. This will complete the celebratory effect of your greetings.

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