Oubly's Gifts

At Oubly.com, we believe in surpassing your expectation every
time you shop with us. We place a little something extra in
your shipping package to show our sense of appreciation and
hopefully, bring a little more joy to your day.

Depending on the amount of your purchase, our staff will
choose one of the amazing gifts we have and include it in your
shipping package. These items are Oubly's gifts to you and
they are absolutely free.

Oubly Free Gift - Eco Friendly Oubly Tote Bags

Eco-Friendly Oubly Tote Bag

Oubly Luxury Packages

Oubly Keepsake & Slider Boxes

Depending on your size and order
quantity, we ship our products using
several luxurious keepsake packages.
Oubly Faq Background


Do I need to make a purchase in order to receive free gift?
Yes, free gifts are given based on the amount of your product purchase price after applying discount. (Taxes and shipping charges are not part of product purchase price)
Are these gifts a one-time deal, or I can get one every time I make a purchase?
You will receive a free gift item every single time you complete a purchase with product prices more than $40 in your cart. ($40 after discount applied. excluded taxes and shipping charges)
How long it takes to receive my gift?
Gifts ship with your order. Depending on the shipping method you choose, you will receive your gift when your product package arrives.
How do you ship these gifts exactly?
We place free gifts inside your shipping package. They ship with the same method and packaging that your orders do.
Can I return and exchange my free gift after I receive it?
Sorry, we are unable to accept returns and exchanges on these gift items.
Do you offer warranty for these gifts?
Sorry, we manufacture or buy these products and send it to you as is. We do not offer warranty for any of the free items.
What if I got my package but no gift?
If your product purchase price is over $200 on your invoice, you should have received a gift from us. If we have forgotten your gift, (first of all we are very sorry) you can contact us and we will send you the item immediately. Gifts are Free and ship for Free.
How should I care for my eco-friendly tote bag?
Should your tote bag encounter an unfortunate spill we suggest that spot clean any dirty areas. Be sure to air dry your tote bag afterward.



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