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When to Send Out Baby Cards

When you have a baby, there are many things to announce to friends and family. One of the best ways to get a message out to many people is to use event-specific baby cards. Oubly.com has baby cards you will love to share as your cute little child develops.

Birth Announcements

This will be the first baby card you send after your child is born. Modern announcements feature the baby's picture along with information like the time of birth, the weight and length of the child and the parents' names.

At Oubly.com, we print baby cards on heavy card stocks. In most cases, birth announcements are kept as a long-term memento of the occasion.

Birthday Party Invitations

A baby's first birthday is another joyous occasion for sending cute baby cards. Like announcements for a new child's arrival, birthday invitations are printed on three different paper options that are all made of heavy card stocks. You can make your invitation unique by featuring a picture of your baby.

One obvious difference between birthday party invitations and birth announcements is the information included. Instead of height and weight data, invitations include the time and date of the celebration.The first birthday isn't the only one suitable for sending this type of announcement. The same general theme is often retained for the second and third ones as well.

At Oubly.com, you can choose your baby cards with many variations and custom made design styles. Feel free to upload pictures and customize your messages for a truly personal touch. Within Oubly's collection, you'll see a wide variety of gender specific designs featuring many elements and themes from soft pinks to baby blues.

Retro designs are also popular these days, so you'll also have a good range of colors, designs, and various styles to choose from. In any case, your customizations and creativity will be what make your baby cards as unique as your own bundle of joy.

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