Oubly Designers

Alexandra Coward

Los Angeles, California

Alexandra is a designer, illustrator and a self-proclaimed cuteness enthusiast. Simple but meaningful, sweet but not saccharine, her work is inspired by the feelings of love, the urge to nurture, excitement, and playfulness.

Alexandra graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from The Savannah College of Art and Design. Her past work includes designing and illustrating for Farmville, the Emmy-nominated show Archer, and Nickelodeon Studios.

In her off time, Alexandra enjoys watching cartoons, learning about outer space, cooking, baking, exploring new foods, and riding her bike through the city of LA.

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Kara Meyering

Newport Beach, California

Kara is a painter born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut with a background in textile design. Her style is elegant, feminine, fresh and colorful. She has a love for all things flower-related, rainbow, glittery, and turquoise. When she's not working, Kara spends her time at the beach, watching bad daytime talk shows, walking her dog and perusing dessert recipes. Kara currently lives in Newport Beach, California with her pug, Olive.

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Dawn Siccama

Pasadena, California

I love nature, simplicity, homemade crafts, Big Bang Theory, and geeking out to everything Marvel. I believe a simple sketch can speak a thousand words and have an array of meaning. Bold colors like turquoise, violet, lime green and orange are my all time favorite palette. My design approach is all feeling and intuition, the less you overthink the better the design.

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Ellie Pirzad

Tarzana, California

Hi, I'm Ellie and love designing for both print and web. I discovered my passion for stationery when I was going to art school. I try to design with a slightly feminine and highly minimal touch. Vintage designs are awesome, textured paper is even more awesome and spicy is food is super awesome.

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Kay Yoo

Glendale, California

Music always has been an inspiration to my design. From Stevie Ray Vaughan to Daft Punk, I listen to a vast amount of different music and always search for more. Character design has been my primary design interest for years but it is always fun to learn different design skills. Boredom is my arch enemy and I strive to make fresh and fascinating designs every day.

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Paulina Kay

Venice, California

I like to design away from the computer on non-digital tools. I enjoy working in mixed media and feeling the push and pull of different mediums across a surface. For inspiration, I look at what is happening in fashion, design magazines, and contemporary art. When I'm working on a project, I always play music and like to have a candle lit.

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Pasadena, California

In short, we are a thoughtful bunch with a passion and appreciation for art, design, technology, fine papers, nature, and collaborative culture. We love that everyone has stories to tell. This motivated us to design a collection of stationery items that will enhance your life's special moments.

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