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about us

Oubly Who?

In short we are a successful & mature printing company that has a thoughtful bunch of individuals with passion for print, art, design, technology, fine papers, and collaborative culture.

Our newly launched website, Oubly.com, offers a wide selection of beautifully designed and crafted print items for business, or occasions that call for connection and celebration between you, your friends, and family.

We welcome you to our online store!

Our Story

The idea of Oubly.com began when a few of our team members suggested building a creative business model in alignment with our current printing business. Challenge was to build a authentic and empathic culture that can deliver delightful services and products.

Finally, we created Oubly.com to fulfill the needs of smart online shoppers who want affordable prices and incomparable products that elegantly convey the stories of their lives.

Why Stationery Products?

We have been in printing, design, and marketing business for two decades, and we knew there is an ever-present need for personalized stationery. However, products in current online stationery websites are very expensive, especially at larger quantities.

As a commercial print manufacturer, we could offer elegant stationery products at much lower rates than existing websites. So, we built Oubly.com to be the go-to source of low cost online print and stationery design for today's smart shoppers.

core values

What we believe

Our operation is a work in progress that is constantly evolving. However, we believe in the following unchangeable core values that support the foundation of our company:

  • Authenticity
  • Empathy
  • Generosity
  • Transparency
  • Reciprocal Respect

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow oubly.com into a nurturing platform that directly benefits designers, artists, expert print studios, environmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and our customers.

We plan to repurpose existing opportunities within a unique vertical such as boutique stationery design and unlock the hidden values within the processes. Our goal is to provide products and services that surpass customer expectation and provide an enjoyable experience for our clients.


Responsible Business Model

Our business model is based on social responsibility. Instead of focusing on maximizing profitability by cutting corners, we focus on providing products and services that are fairly priced and benefit our customers. We share our company's revenue with nonprofit organizations and local independent artists as well as environmental agencies.

Positive Experience

Positive user experience is built into the core of Oubly.com's culture. We believe that the customer owns Oubly.com, and we are here to serve them. We continuously work to enhance our website, products, and operation to provide an increasingly positive experience for our customers.


Despite being tech savvy, we are paper lovers at heart. We believe there is something special about paper. We love the way it feels and the way it calls upon our senses to convey a message.Oubly.com offers three luxury papers as standard options. However, we can print your projects on variety of custom papers upon your request with our offset, digital, and letterpress printing machines. Please contact us if you wish to print your projects on custom paper.

Premium Wove, Natural White

USA-made, 16-point thick elegant and sturdy natural white color + wove surface texture, green-e and FSC certified, carbon neutral and made with 30% post consumer fiber using wind power.

24p. Super Deluxe Velvet

24-point thick super deluxe velvet paper is not too thick and not too thin and makes a stunning first impression with its luxurious velvet finish.

Super Deluxe, Tinted Edge

USA-made, 32-point thick super deluxe bright white paper looks and feels incredible. Perfect for showcasing edge painting. FSC certified. Made with 30% post consumer fiber.


Oubly.com believes in providing exceptional value at every stage of the customer's experience. Our awesome keepsake packaging is a statement of quality and luxury for our fairly priced products. Depending on quantity of orders, we ship our products using two types of packaging.

Card orders with quantities from 10 to 49 are shipped in our branded envelope and contain:

  • Your beautiful cards.
  • Related envelopes (if applicable).
  • Free stickers.
  • Eco-friendly certificate.

Card orders with quantities from 50 to 500 are shipped in our branded boxes and contain:

  • Your beautiful cards.
  • Related envelopes (if applicable).
  • Free stickers.
  • Eco-friendly certificate.
  • Free gift item. (if applicable)

Paper Sample KitsOrder Sample Kit

Our paper sample kit contains several examples of printed items and envelopes, as well as a swatch of the eco-friendly card stocks that we offer at Oubly.com.

We also offer various printing methods, including offset, digital, and letterpress, on a wide selection of beautiful papers. If you have specific requirements regarding paper or printing methods, please call us at 1-800-596-8259 or email us at support@oubly.com.


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